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     One year, there was a lady that came with her husband and walked around the field and then they went home. About an hour later, she looked at her husband and said, “I’ve got to go back”. He looked at her and said, “Why?” She said, “I don’t know why, but I have to go”!

     Many times, when moms were trying to leave and their little children began to cry and say “Momma, I don’t want to go”. The mom would look down at the child and say, “Come on baby we need to go, why don’t you want to go?” The child would look up at their mom and say, “I don’t want to leave Jesus”!

     I was talking to an owner of a sign company about some signs we needed. He said, “I am going to donate $1000 in signs.” Excited and curious, I asked him why? He said, one year I was passing by and his kids started yelling what’s that daddy. He turned the car around, stopped and walked them around and explained what Jesus did for us!

     Easter morning we drape a robe across the cross and hang the crown of thorns on it and put up a banner that says, “He is Risen”. A landscaping nursery owner was driving by and saw it and had to pull over because he was crying so much!

      During the 2001 Last Days, I served as a "Street musician".  I simply sat there each day and tried to play a recorder as hundreds of on lookers walked past.  As part of my character I set up a small wooden chest in front of my feet, with some old tarnished coins and a few bead necklaces, as though my characters only means of finance was selling these items and donations from playing.  Although the other members of the cast played along and dropped in coins, the general public started dropping in money.  Infact one lady who had gone through the scenes was leaving, walked up and gave me a $10 bill.  Trying to stay in character I explained that the money and chest were just props, but she wanted to support the event.  I thanked her and went on playing.  When I left that day, I had $37 dollars!  People wanted to do what ever they could to help.  In case your wondering, I gave the money to the Last Days staff.  - Doug Underwood, Friendship Baptist Church

     There was a hitchhiker that was walking by, I spotted him and tried to catch up to him and talk. Then, I saw Mark Bounds walking fast to intercept him also. Both of us caught up to him in the parking lot. I asked him if he wanted a coke and cookies for his journey. He said, “Sure”, and then we began to tell him about Jesus. We asked him if he’d like to pray and he said, “Yes”. While praying, out of nowhere this man starts confessing his sins out loud. I opened my eyes and looked at Mark and Mark looked at me, neither one of us had asked the man to confess his sins; he got saved on the spot. Then he told us of how he had started out in Galveston and a man had picked him up and dropped him off at Highway 105 & 69. This man gave him $5 and ask him if he could pray for him, the hitchhiker said, “O.K.”, and then he came upon us. Guess what? It wouldn’t surprise me to know that after he left us, he came upon a third person!

     One year, two rough looking-biker men stopped and got off their motorcycles. As they walked in Guinn Busbee and some of the people at the city gate saw them and felt that they were up to no good, they began to pray. The biker men walked by them and entered though the City Gate, they went about 20 feet and came to a complete stop, looked up, and then turned around and ran out as fast as they could. There is no doubt that they came upon guardian angels guarding this holy field!

     One year, a Jehovah Witness woman and her two children got saved and baptized at the Last Days of Christ. She began attending a non-denominational church and later became a member and has attended ever since!

     One year, two members of Alcohol Anonymous came to see one of their friends who had agreed to play Jesus being whipped. Amazingly, both men were so awestruck by the event that they gave their hearts to Jesus and got baptized! Wow!

     After speaking at a local church, a lady came running to me in the parking lot after the service. She said, “Last year, I came to the Last Days and was so overwhelmed that I cried at every scene. I have three children and I was separated from my husband. On the way out, I prayed with someone at the evangelism area. God has restored my marriage and we have been attending this church ever since. My whole family wants to help you this year. My oldest child is blind and wants to play the blind girl in the streets.” About that time, her family pulled up in a SUV, I asked her, “Is this your family?” She said, “Yes”. I said I wanted to meet them. I introduced myself to her husband and kids and I said how excited I was that they were going to help. Then I said, “I heard that there is a little girl in here that wants to play a blind child in the street at the Last Days of Christ. Is she in here?” Then, the little blind girl threw up her hands in the air and as if she had just won a gold medal at the Olympics and said, “It’s me, it’s me!” Oh boy, did I cry on the way home! Thank you, Lord!

     I was working on the ascension with Mike Hatton and a man came walking on the field carrying a camera and yelling, “This is holy ground, did y’all know this is holy ground? I mean this is holy ground.” Mike Hatton said, “Why do you say this is holy ground?” He said, “Last night, I was driving down the highway and I accidentally swerved, lost control, hit the curb and then hit that sewer pipe and knocked myself out. When I came to, my car was stopped within 10 feet of that crucifixion scene. My headlights were shining at the cross that Jesus hangs on. I’m telling you that this is holy ground”. This is a true story. From the scaffold, Mike and I looked down on the ground and you could see where the tires had made ruts in the ground and stopped within ten feet of the crucifixion!

     One of the most amazing stories took place in 2002. I found out in January that the Cowboys for Christ could not play the Roman soldiers on horseback due to riding in the Dogwood Festival, which has been a tradition for them for many years. I was having trouble finding horsemen. I had called people in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, etc. No one could help. I continued to give it back to the Lord, but I remember Pastor Delmar Dabney, which has since gone to be with the Lord, saying, “Pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on you”. So I continued to call people and I was running out of time. During my college days, I had attended the Word of Life church in Groves, Texas and I was talking to a Pastor David Logan about baptizing people when he said, “I need to run, I have to go water my horses.” I said, “Horses! Pastor you have horses.” He said, “Yes”. I said, “How many horses do you have?” He said, “Oh, about ten”. I said, “Pastor, would you mind not baptizing and playing a Roman soldier on horseback?” He said, “Sure Marlon, I’ll do anything you want me to do!” He said he would get his associate pastor to ride with him and another associate pastor to baptize. During the event, a lady walked up to Pastor Logan and asked, “Would you mind if I pat your horse”. He said, “No, go ahead”. After patting the horse, she said, “Would you mind if I hugged your horse?” He said, “That’s fine.” After hugging the horse she said, “Would you mind if I rode your horse?” Instantly, the holy spirit told him it’s O.K. go ahead and let her ride. Then, Pastor Logan looked at her and asked, “Have you ever ridden before?” She said, “Sure, I’ve ridden all my life. When I was growing up I trained horses.” He said, “O.K.” He took her in the backfield behind all the scenes. In her white dress, she got on the horse and began to walk the horse, then trotted the horse and then ran the horse. Pastor Logan said, “She was beautiful as she rode with her white dress blowing in the wind”. She rode for about 15 minutes. Then, she came back to where the pastor was. She stopped the horse and looked down and said, “You’ve answered my prayers”. He said, “What do you mean?” As she began to get down off the horse, she took off a wig and said, “I’m dying of cancer and I asked the Lord to ride a horse one more time before I died.” He prayed with her and she left. That was on March 30, 2002. On May 16, 2002, I was sitting in my office and received a call from a lady named Candy Howell. She said, “You don’t know me but I know that you are in charge of the Last Days.” She asked, “Do you know about the lady that rode the horse at the Last Days. I said, “Yes, I had heard of the story”. She said, “Well , the ladies name that rode the horse is Dana Haig and she just passed away this morning.” I was speechless and began to cry! She told me that when Dana was having a hard time the night before, she would tell her just close your eyes and imagine yourself riding that white horse in heaven. She asked if I knew who that man was that let her ride the horse. I said I did and that he was a pastor. She asked if she could get the phone number, she wanted to ask him to help do the eulogy with Dana’s minister. I gave her the numbers and Pastor Logan did go and do the memorial.

     I was asked to do a radio interview at KYKR with Buddy Johnson. That Sunday morning, I showed up at Clear Channel Radio Station. I went to the back door and buzzed the security button. Someone answer the intercom and I said who I was and they said come on in. I went inside this maze of a building and walked up and around the corner and I saw some people talking on the radio in a glass booth. I walked up and stood waiting until they were off the air. They motioned to come in and this man said, “Hi, I’m “T. Bruce”, what can I do you for?” I said, “Well, I’m here to talk about the Last Days of Christ”. He said, “What’s it all about.” I explained about the event. He said, “Just have a seat, and I’ll get you on shortly.” Well, the three men went back on the radio talking and joking with each other. Then, they started playing some Cajun music. Well, I have a Cajun background, so I’m toe tapping right along with the men. I thought it was a little unusual song since Buddy Johnson is a Christian radio announcer for a Christian show, but I was having fun with the guys, so I just hummed right along. Then, the announcer named “T. Bruce” began to do a liquor commercial. Now, I’m thinking well I guess you have to do whatever the station wants you to do. When he finished, he looked at me and said, “We’ll just play a few more songs and then you can go on, I don’t want you to go after that commercial because I understand what you’re here to talk about.” So we went back to toe tapping listening to some old Cajun tunes. Then, he said, “O.K. It’s your turn.” So “T Bruce” interviewed his friends and me and I had a blast while the “Last Days of Christ” mesmerized them all. After the interview, they all said they were going to bring their families to see it. Curiously, I said, “Thank you for a great interview, but I have one question, how do you get the name “T Bruce” from Buddy Johnson?” He looked at me a little stunned and said; the Buddy Johnson Show on KYKR is around the corner this is the KLVI Show with “T. Bruce”. I said, “I’m sorry, I came to the wrong booth.” He said, “That’s O.K. I loved it and why don’t you come back again next year.” I said, “Great, Thanks!”. I went around the corner and met Buddy Johnson and told him everything that just happened and he said that “T Bruce” has a huge listening audience of our Catholic brothers.” Then I preceded the interview with Buddy Johnson. Wow, what a morning!

On the afternoon of April 17, 2003 Power Castle Ministries was able to tale a large group of children to an outdoor Easter Drama called, "Last Days of Christ".  Great excitement was in the air as the Power Castle bus pulled into the Magnolia Gardens Housing Project in Beaumont, Texas.  A large crowd of children began to gather as the bus stopped at the corner curb.  Many began to anxiously push through the crowd in order to be the first to board the bus.  The bus was loaded nearly to the maximum and the kids were grouped with a shepherd according to age and gender.  The door then closed and the bus moved towards the security gate stopped once more to let a few more late comers jump on board before it was too late.  As the bus picked up speed, a favorite gospel song began to play over the bus sound system and the bus exploded into the sound of 60 children worshiping God at the top of their lungs.  The bus pulled on to the school grounds where the outdoor drama was being held and the kids were taken over in groups on golf carts to begin the walk through the "gate of Jeruslem".  The kids were escorted through live action scenes that vividly brought the biblical Easter story to life.   These scenes were pieced together with actors dressed in costumes, authentic looking props and live animals.  The kids got to see many culturally significant scenes such as money changing tables and the olive oil making press where they were each anointed with oil.  The groups of children were then moved through other scenes of the last days of the life of Christ such as the last supper and the crucifixion.  These scenes stirred the hearts and minds of these children to the reality of the historical account of Christ.  The groups of children moved on to the scenes of the empty tomb and the ascension of Christ which etched the true meaning of Easter on their hearts and minds.  At the conclusion of the tour, many prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.  Lives were changed as a result of this field trip!  We would like to thank everyone who helped put on this production!  Craig Larson, Power Castle Evangelist,

Charlie Cooper, one of the evangelist asked a man, “Why did you come to the event?”  The man stated “I saw the lights in the sky!” Charlie said, “Inside me I said, You are fixing to see the Light” and he did!

A man got saved on Friday night then after a long conversation with the person that
led them to the Lord, he reluctantly told her that his wife, two children and himself were living out of his car. She came and told some of the pastors and one of them put them up at the Courtyard Marriot for three days. Then, they gave him their phone numbers and he called back Saturday and said that a job offer had came open in Louisiana and he started his new job on Monday!

A 65 year old woman accepted Jesus as her personal Savior!

A Muslim gave her life to Christ, renounced her faith and was crying intensely!

I was working with the evangelism crew.  I sort of only did that job because I was tired of doing the normnal stuff like marketplace, servant girl, etc. (plus, my dad asked me!).  At first, nothing really exiting was happening for me and the other team members were leading so many people to Christ.  I almost gave up!  Then, I just said a little prayer to God to help me and to lead me to the right people and right after that a family of six came up who looked like they were hurting.  I led them through the simple salvation plan.  After that I told them about their new decision and how you could be baptized.  They left and later came back and told me that their son wanted to be baptized.  I was so excited because me, a 14 year old girl, took a little bit of hope and God's love and HE just let it shine through me!

                                                            Brittany Cooper, Last Days Beaumont 2003

Brittany Pricer, the daughter of our first Jesus Andy Pricer, which is now a missionary
in deep Mexico, led four people to the Lord, one child and three adults and witnessed in fluent Spanish to a couple from Monterrey, Mexico.  Not bad for a eleven year old!









If you've had something special happen to you at the Last Days of Christ, send it to us and we might just add it to this page!

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