"Since 1997, the LAST DAYS OF CHRIST has Doubled in Size Every Year.  You Won’t Believe What’s in Store for 2003!  See an Entire Ancient City...Come Alive!”


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Coordinator Marlon Quibodeaux                


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In An Open Field Adjacent to Cathedral High School

8200 Highway 105 in Beaumont, Texas

Thursday through Saturday, April 17 - 19

Continuous live presentation from 4:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

THE LAST DAYS OF CHRIST will come alive with more than 400 actors and workers portraying eight of the most dramatic scenes from the Bible.  We’ll take you back in time as you enter through the city gates of Jerusalem.  See Roman soldiers on horseback, walk down the city streets through the market place and view drama players reenacting THE LAST SUPPER, CHRIST BEFORE PILATE, A ROMAN CENTERION FLOGGING CHRIST, JESUS BEING NAILED TO THE CROSS, THE CRUCIFIXION, AND THE GLORIOUS ASCENSION OF JESUS CHRIST INTO HEAVEN.

You’ll see Jesus ride in town on a donkey, a carpenter whittling the cross from a tree, Roman soldiers doing marching drills and practicing sword fighting in the streets, Jesus telling stories to children on a rock formation, a cave signifying the empty tomb, a petting zoo for children, water baptisms, and a concert amphitheater with live singers.  New scenes will include a chariot, brick making, water well, threshing floor, straw cart, olive oil press, and the judgment throne of God.

Viewers can drive by to see the outdoor tableaus or park at Cathedral High School and walk through the gates of Jerusalem.  Nighttime will offer a spectacular display of lights.

For the convenience of the handicapped and elderly, golf carts will be provided.

The “LAST DAYS OF CHRIST” outdoor drama began in 1997 with eight actors and in 2003, twenty churches will team together to present the production with 400 actors and workers with an anticipated attendance of 10,000!

Experience a walk back to the first Easter!